Journal Embroidery - Sew Foxy


My hands have been itching to do a "foxy" craft of some kind since December began (I'm in the middle of a strange obsession with foxes), and this weekend finally left me with the opportunity to sit down and do it. This design took me a bit longer than the last one because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with the border, but I ended up deciding on a twig wreath with daisies, red berries and maple leaves for accents. I'm so happy with how it turned out!

As requested, a tutorial on how I do my paper embroidery patterns is in the works. I'll probably be posting it sometime this weekend.
Happy Wednesday, loves!



time passes in waves - sometimes soft foam lapping at the consciousness of days gone, sometimes a hurricane: crashing, breaking, tossing us to and fro. we try to measure it in units of speed - trickling or inching or flying by, but the sea doesn't work that way. it's not like driving a car - no speed limit, no rules, no brakes. no way to predict where the next tide will lead. we frail (we flawed, we human), flail and kick, hands searching for a steering wheel, a brake pedal that isn't there. we dedicate all of our energy to fighting the tide, till our limbs are weary and our lungs stretched to bursting. control! we live and breathe it, this concept of being able to do anything but just float, a mindset that simultaneously robs us of our ability to truly live.

i watch the people i love fight with life and drown because i lack the strength to pull them up for air because i've wasted too much time kicking against my own tide. it feels like i've got anchors tied to my feet. i'm so tired. maybe i've forgotten or maybe i never learned how to float. i thrash beside those struggling, offering nothing more than gasps of oxygen, quick kisses on salty lips. i know even as i do it that i'm treating symptoms and not the problem. but all i can think is that if i give up, i'll lose another person that i love, and if i lose another person that i love, i'll give up.

life is a mighty ocean trying its best to keep us under, but here's the revelation: the One that the wind and waves obey is described as "living water." when He says, drink of me and you will be filled, it means you don't need to swallow any more salt. swallow. breathe. listen. above the sound of crashing waves, i hear his whisper carry: i'm right here. stand up. walk to me. walk with me. where you think you'll sink, trust me to keep you afloat.

written 11/24/13